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Burn it All Down

Author: Site Owner

Tue Oct 18 2022


HAMILTON NJ - I don't mean to make this sound so dramatic.  But that is kinda what I'm doing.  I'm dropping the primary domain for this site.  It doesn't get enough traffic to warrant paying for it anymore.  I tried to sell it and that didn't work.  So I'm moving the domain to a subdomain and letting the toplevel domain expire.

This way the site will still persist and I can still write stuff when the moment strikes me to do so.  And there will be one less domain to worry about.  For the next couple of days, I will have to go through all the code on this site to replace references to the domain.  I'm actually almost finished with that, as you can see, because the site is working.

It's not the first time I've done this either.  My crypto blog went through the same transition a couple of years ago.  There was a time when I thought it was a good idea to just go ahead and get a new domain name for any new projects I was doing.  But I've come to find that that is not always such a necessary thing.  For instance, in the case of this domain, it barely even registers on Google anyway.  They took it down from the "business" listings because, I guess it's not a business?  And good luck getting them to cooperate and fix something like that.  So I just shrug my shoulders and move on.

By the way, I tried to sell this site.  I got exactly zero response.  Like, none at all.  I even created a subsection for domains that I have for sale.  Again...  Zero response.  Pfft...  Whatever...

Anyway...  If you've been reading this site, and you enjoy it, that's great!  Thank you for your interest.  And I hope you have been entertained.  The good news is that the site is not going away.  It's just changing how it is shown to the world.  

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