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Drumpf Uses His Message to the Queen as a Fund Raiser

Author: Concerned Citizen

Thu Sep 08 2022


PALMBEACH FL - While England and 14 commonwealths mourn the loss of the longest reigning monarch in history, many world leaders have put out messages expressing their condolences.  The former President did too, of course.  And right there on the message is a button to fund raise for his campaign!!

We thought it was bad enough when he buried is ex-wife by the first hole on his golf course in NJ.  But this just a few notches worse.

"I don't see anything wrong with this.  If people want to donate money, this is just another way for them to do it.", says the ex President.

Well, yeah, it's not up to the level of stealing a bunch of classified documents and possibly selling them to hostile foreign governments.  It's not as bad as that, at least.


On the off chance that you haven't figured this out yet, there is actually no truth to this story at all.  But you still clicked on it because you thought it was completely plausible.  You didn't even hesitate for a brief moment.  You just wanted to see if it was true.  This would be like if you found out that Drumpf kicks puppies, that wouldn't surprise you either.

Some wise person once said, "May you live in interesting times."  These times.  They are indeed interesting.  Sometimes good.  Sometimes not so much.  RIP to the Queen of England.  That was one helluva run.  Best in history!

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