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GOP is Having Trouble Vilifying Democrats

Author: Concerned Citizen

Tue Aug 16 2022


WASHINGTON DC - It has been a rough couple of week for Republicans in Congress.  The mid term elections are just around the corner, and they are having a really hard time.  Normally about now, all they would have to do is point out that Democrats are all criminals, they are destroying the country, and the economy is in ruins. But this time it's different.  Jobs numbers are in, and they are up.  Unemployment is down.  Inflation is slowing down.  Gas prices are dropping.  Congress was able to pass 2 bills; one to help veterans with healthcare (thank you Jon Stewart), and one to boost the economy. And to make matters worse, there seems to be a lot of illegal activity being uncovered, and none of it is Democrats.  Do a Google search on the Jan 6th Committee for more on that.

As a bonus, Biden cleared an operation to kill the leader of AlQuida.  In an incredible coincidence, it occurred while Drumpf was hosting Saudi Arabia for a golf tournament in New Jersey.  Do a Google search on 9/11 to learn more about why that was important.

Oh, and there was also the overturning of Roe vs Wade, which everyone in the country is upset about, no matter which party you call home.  PLUS - as of the moment this article is being written, Biden just signed another bill to tackle climate change, tax law, and health care.  And it should be noted that every single Republican sided with special interests and against the people of this country.  Every one of them voted against it.  All of them.

But the final stroke seems to be that the FBI executed a search warrant on the former President's house to retrieve classified documents that he refused to return.  This was bad enough.  But it got worse when the Republicans demanded that the text of the warrant explaining the reason for the search, and the FBI actually released it.  This showed that Drumpf was being investigated for violations of the Espionage Act.  Of course, the Republicans responded in the most responsible way possible.  Marjorie "Traitor" Greene filed a motion to impeach Attorney General Merrick Garland, who authorized the search. Then, Senator Rand Paul called for the immediate repeal of the Espionage Act.  Because of course the sensible thing to do when someone breaks the law is to repeal the law. 

While this was going on, Drumpf was in NYC giving a deposition to the DA in a civil trial, where he pleaded the 5th 420 times.  The only answer he gave was his name.


In spite of all of this, Republicans are still trying everything they can to make Democrats look bad.  "It's getting to the point that even our best whataboutsims aren't working any more.  Pretty soon we are going to have to resort to just making stuff up.", says one member of Congress.  "The FBI finds the time to investigate Drumpf, but can't find the time to show us the contents of Hunter Biden's laptop?!" said, pretty much every other member of Congress, in a silly attempt to once again make something completely unrelated the most important thing in history. 

"We really don't know what to do.  Biden has yet to wear a tan suit or put mustard on something he shouldn't.  Even his dogs have been well behaved.", was heard mumbled a few times in the halls of the Capitol.  They even tried once to make the former human Jeffrey Epstein part of this by asking why they still haven't investigated any of his friends.  Then they realized that they have done that.


It is indeed a difficult time for Republicans all around.  It must be a really hard pill to swallow when the narrative that they have built for all this time is being completely beaten back as reality begins to overcome the propaganda.  What do you do when you make claims of how bad things are, and then reality shows that things are actually looking good?  What do you do when the people you claim are the monsters are actually the good guys?


Yes.  Dear Republicans, this might be the time to realize what everyone else already knows, and has been trying to tell you.

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