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Stephen Colbert's Crew Accused of Insurrection

Author: Concerned Citizen

Sun Jun 19 2022


WASHINGTON DC - Like many stories here, there is some truth to this one.  In this case, yes, there has been an accusation made.  A couple of days ago, the crew from Stephen Colbert's late night show got themselves in trouble.

The facts of the matter are that, they were there to film some comedy stuff.  Because, that's what they do.  They brought Triumph the Insult Comedy Dog along, because he's funny.  But then they stuck around for some more giggles after their time for being there legitimately had elapsed.  So they got detained for it.  They should have known better.  They should have known not to push it.  It is a mystery to us what made them think they could push the tolerance of security in the Capitol without there being an immediate response.

It seems that they have been charged with unlawful entry.  More charges may follow.  In light of what happened January 6th 2021, the Capitol is just a little bit on edge.   As you may remember, that was when a violent mob broke into the Capitol complex with the intention of detaining Congress members, hanging Mike Pence, and overturning the election to install The Orange Menace as leader of the country.  In short, they tried to overthrow the government.  

What Colbert's crew did the other day was nothing like that.  It doesn't even fall into the same category.  Yeah, we all know that.  The Conservatives know that too.  But that doesn't matter.  What matters is that they will easily spin this to make it look like what they did was exactly the same as 1/6th, thereby completely diluting and diminishing the entire 1/6th event.  In fact, Tucker Carlson has already accused them of insurrection.

As stated, Colbert's crew should have know better.   Never has this meme been more appropriate:
Because seriously... We do NOT need the people that literally tried to overthrow the government to get more talking points to their side.  

No matter how you slice this, this is bad as in any conceivable way for ever trying to hold people responsible for 1/6th.  It was a fight we were already losing.  And this just made it worse.

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