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It Is Long Past Time to Reconsider the Second Amendment

Author: Fed Up Citizen

Sun May 29 2022


UVALDE TX - Let me start off by saying that I am sorry that this article is not funny, ironic, or anything else that this site normally publishes.  This is serious.  It is written to make a point. 

I wrote up a pretty decent rant for my primary, normal blog.  I want this message to have more exposure.  As such, I have pasted that entire article below. 

Before getting to that, I have something else to say that is directly related and is equally important.  As I say below, the 2nd amendment has been misinterpreted. The reason for this is that the lobbying organization known as the NRA pays a LOT of money to our government to keep the current interpretation as it is.  The language of the second amendment does NOT say that we are allowed to own whatever firearms we want.  That was never the purpose of the amendment to start with.  The current interpretation is what is pushed by the NRA and other special interest groups.  Don't believe me?  Perhaps a citation from an actual chief justice of the Supreme Court will change your mind:


That quote was made by a Conservative Chief Justice.  In case you haven't noticed, that's a pretty important point.

It's long since time for us to revisit that amendment, and update it for our current times.  With the most recent string of mass shootings, including the slaughter of 19 children in a school in Texas, most of this country is pretty fed up with 2nd amendment advocates yelling at the rest of us about what they perceive their rights to be.  Those rights they think they have are bought and paid for by the NRA.  Let's start with making their donations and influence on this government against the law.  Then we can start talking about making real changes.


Original blog post

Only in America do we respond to one of the single worst and most horrific violent events in history by holding a convention to celebrate the weapons used in that event, and glorify the "law abiding citizens" that love them so much.  Only in America do we have gun laws that are SO lax that an 18 year kid can walk into a gun store, purchase a semi-automatic, military assault rifle, and a whole shitload of ammunition, and this doesn't raise any flags. 

No background check.  No one noticed that this kid tried TWICE in previous weeks to purchase these weapons and was only denied because he was 17.  Then he can do it again a couple of days later. 

When we talk about sensible gun legislation, this is the sort of thing we are talking about.  Why?  Because only in America does that person then use those weapons to gun down 19 children in a school to such an effect that many of them could only be identified using their DNA.

This happened while the "good guys with guns" stood around outside, waiting for the right time to move in.  Bunch of useless cowards these people are.  But that is another matter.

Only in America do we then have an entire subset of the population go wild on social media, conventions, talk shows, and anyone else that will listen, exclaiming that mental health, and the murderer are to blame!!!  They will not even acknowledge that the lax gun laws is what allowed this mentally ill murderer to obtain these weapons used to slaughter children.  How in the blue hell do you NOT SEE that the lack of reasonable regulations is what put the weapons into that person's hands?!

Sure, this guy could have still murdered children with smaller weapons.  He could have used a butcher knife.  But he didn't.  He used a semi-automatic military assault rifle.  One that he legally purchased.  That cannot be ignored.

At what point are you people going to realize that the second amendment has been interpreted, and laws set to the effect, that they benefit the mentally ill murderers too?  And then you tell us that you need your guns for protection; for self defense...  And you say this without accepting the irony that you are justifying the 2nd amendment to protect yourselves from the very people that it benefits the most!

When us insane liberals talk about sensible firearms regulations, THIS is what we are talking about.  You want to blame the mentally ill?  The murderer?  Fine.  We agree.  They ARE to blame.  But since no one is doing anything to help them or take responsibility for them, it seems reasonable to restrict access to incredibly powerful and dangerous murder weapons!  


I really don't give a shit about your hobby.  I don't give a shit how much you like hunting or target practice.  You don't NEED these weapons.  You certainly don't need to obtain them with such lax regulations that the worst people in society can get them too!  Your right to your hobby, and to protect yourself from the weapons that YOU advocate for, does not override OUR right to basic protections from those same people.  Basic protections from those weapons.

Every single gun used to murder someone was once legally purchased by a law abiding citizen.  That is also something that cannot be ignored.

To the 2nd amendment people:
If it were up to me, ALL firearms sales would be halted.  You can keep the weapons that you've got.  But no more should be sold into this society until people are willing to start doing something about the mentally ill.  If you aren't willing to take responsibility for the people that use these weapon for murder and other less severe crimes, then you shouldn't have access to them either.

This is on you.  The blood of these children is on YOUR hands.  It is YOUR constant pushing for lax regulations so that you can obtain these murder weapons that allows the worst people in society to get their hands on them with alarming frequency.  Until you are willing to take responsibility for that, you can just shut the fuck up about how sorry you are for the harm they cause.

I am well aware that my saying this is going to piss people off.  Members of my family are going to be furious that I have said this.  But I still feel that it must be said.  If I am the only one in my family that sees this from this point of view, I really have no explanation for that. It really is an amazement to me that we can all look at the same set of facts and draw such completely different conclusions about what is right and what is absolutely and objectively wrong.

Perhaps you should look a little harder at the faces of those 19 children that got slaughtered the other day.  It was not the murderer that destroyed their lives and the lives of their families.  It was a semi-automatic military assault rifle that that kid should NEVER have had access to.  THAT is what killed those children.

All I can say is that, if THIS writing has not opened your eyes just a little bit, then this pretty well shows why some things are just never discussed out loud, and presumably never will be.

#UvaldePoliceCowards #UvaldeMassacre #NRAconvention #NRAOwnsTheGOP #NRAIsATerroristOrg
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