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Joe Rogan Says He Will Try to Make Things More Even

Author: JP Moneybags

Sat Feb 05 2022


SPOTIFY, EARTH - In the wake of the controversy surrounding Joe Rogan over his podcast broadcast on Spotify, Joe Rogan wants to let people know that he has heard them, and he intends to make some changes.  Over the past couple of weeks, artists have been threatening to pull their music from Spotify citing the fact that Joe Rogan is spreading a ton of misinformation.

Joe finally decided to speak out about this, explaining that he intends to try to show both sides of these difficult topics and let people decide for themselves.

He goes on to explain that, "If someone says that the Earth is flat, we need to have a conversation about that.  We need to be sure that both sides of the argument are heard."  This of course makes sense, because there are lot of things that have been absolutely and completely determined to be factual, yet still have legions of people not believing.

This is very much like the age old argument about 2+2 being equal to 4.  If some people say that it is equal to 22, then we need to allow both sides to debate the issue.  Why should we let the fact that these issues have been debated, and there IS consensus and agreement on them, get in the way of ratings?

Add to this now that Rogan seems to now be apologizing for using racial slurs in his podcast.  Perhaps he will come up with a way to debate both sides of that issue.  Please, Joe, bring some experts on racism on the show to explain to us the other side of why using racial slurs is okay.

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