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Massive Protests During The Biden/Harris Inauguration

Author: Mr Optimism

Wed Jan 20 2021


WASHINGTON DC - In honor of the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, massive protests were scheduled in every state capital, in all 50 states.  There was so much concern about violence from these protests that security was stepped up, fences erected, entire districts closed and boarded up, and National Guard Troops armed and standing at the ready.  The crowd here in front of the Capitol Building in NY shows just how serious these protestors were.

"I drove 3 hours for this!  Where the hell is everyone?!" says Mike Liggero as he stands alone with his tattered Trump 2020 "Let's make liberals cry again" flag, drooping from the lack of breeze.  Even the wind is denying this poor guy support.

The threats in the social media chatter were that January 6th was just the beginning.  As it turns out, it's rather difficult to really stage a solid protest when most of the most vocal protesters of them all have been locked up because of their actions on January 6th.  Many of the others found themselves fired from their job, their spouse left them, their tires slashed, or other life changing consequences of their actions on that day.  It's almost like people realized that ruining their lives is probably not the best idea.  Especially since the people that egged them on the first time have already said, "You people are on your own."

Among the others who were not at the protests today were all of those people that were seeking a pardon from former President 45**, the twice impeached.  Evidently it hadn't occurred to them that his second impeachment trial is just getting underway.  And in that trial, he is trying to prove that he did not instigate the riots.  This makes it impossible for him to pardon anyone involved without implicating himself.  Of course, as of this writing, it is after 12:00PM.  The event is finished.  There will be no more pardons.

Well, would-be protesters, and would-be insurrectionists...  It seems that this round is over.  In fact, the entire fight is over.  Sorry for your loss.  And by that we mean, we are not at all sorry for your loss, in any manner whatsoever.

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