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Fraud Occurred in This Election Alright

Author: Still Concerned Voter

Wed Dec 02 2020


Thank goodness that election is so far behind us now that it's a distant memory and no one is talking about it anymore.  Sorry...  We couldn't help but open this article with a little bit of levity.

As of the time of this article, a clean 4 weeks have passed, and the person still sitting in the White House, a person who will not be named, is still claiming with no evidence at all that fraud was rampant in this election.

The entire GOP is still siding with this person, for some reason.  Very few of them, even now, have come out to say that it's over.

So we here at figured that it was a good time to take a closer look.  One source in particular shows the faces of the actual people that are testifying, in court, that they witnessed fraud.  These are people saying that their evidence consists of stuff they "read on rally signs", or that "the room was too quiet", or that some person "looked like they might be Antifa." We were originally going to copy/paste some of those gems, but determined that it was better for you to just click the link and look for yourself.

One of our favorite claims came from when the President's personal Nosferatu held a press conference at The Four Seasons Hotel Landscaping company.

Four Seasons

And, no, I am not going to post the image of his brain leaking out during the speech.  Because that's disgusting.  That press conference consisted of Rudy yelling a bunch of nonsense, then introducing another lawyer (who since has determined she doesn't work for them)...  And all they did was said, yet again, that there was fraud while providing no evidence at all.

There was fraud, as we promised

The fraud is still going on. This is the moment when all of President Crybaby's supporters have been saying that it's time to show all of that evidence.  The time is now!  You are being given the opportunity, once and for all, to show the evidence that you have been screaming about for months (years) before the election.  If this was a poker game, the words would be, "You have been called.  It's time to show your cards."  And with that, the GOP lays down a pair of deuces that obviously came from another pack of cards and claims that they won the hand!

The GOP started this election season off by disenfranchising voters, making it more difficult for Democrat-strong areas to vote, vilified the mail-in/absentee system, refused to pass bills to strengthen election security, harassed people at the polls, interfered with the postal service, set up fake drop boxes, and a slew of other things that all amount to - wait for it - FRAUD!  The only fraud that was comitted during this election was perpetuated by the GOP.  The electoral college already favors the GOP (which is another matter).  In short, the entire system was rigged in favor of the GOP from the beginning.  But so many people came out to vote for Biden, that it overwhelmed all of their attempts to rig the thing even more.

As Trevor Noah said recently, "You started out on 3rd base and still lost the game!"

There is one more instance of fraud of which you should be aware

If you donated to the President's fund to pay for the legal expenses, congratulations.  You essentially helped him pay down his debts, line his pockets, and nothing more.  You were a victim of fraud.

In the end, all of this nonsense with claiming fraud in the election has in itself, been a fraud.  They have managed to keep this thing going on for weeks now, filing lawsuits that get laughed out of court, sending the pundits out to the news shows, and constant social media pushes - all the while collecting donations to pay off debts.  Had the President simply conceded 3 weeks ago, they would not have been able to keep on collecting those donations.

The fraud is real.  And it's still going on.  It's just not what the GOP claims it is.

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