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Dr. Fauci's Recommendations to Stop the COVID-19 Crisis

Author: I M Notsick

Sat Aug 01 2020


WASHINGTON DC - The recent spike in U.S. coronavirus infections has been fueled in large part by Americans ignoring public health guidelines to keep their distance and wear masks, the government's top infectious  disease official said.  A daily surge in confirmed cases and hospitalizations has been most pronounced in Florida, Texas and other southern and western states that disregarded benchmark guidelines from health officials to wait for a steady, two-week decline in infections before reopening their economies.

As a result, we are no closer to beating this thing than months ago.  This is what is being recommended now.  Giant hamster balls

What sports might look like

Since people are finding masks to be too restrictive and an infringement on their rights, we need to take more extreme steps to keep people from infecting each other.  Completely portable isolation is the most effective way of doing that.

"If we had taken this step back in March, we would be over this pandemic by now.  Of that we can be certain.  So if we were to implement this system right now, we could be done with this in just a few weeks.", says Dr. Fauci.

As a bonus we are reasonably sure that many people would continue using the giant hamster balls even after the pandemic finishes because of all the extra protections they afford.  Not only will you be protected from the Corona virus, you can also float on water!  You could crash right into a wall and the worse effect would be a laughing fit.  You could relax in the park and read a book with no fear of mosquitos or being hit by a Frisbee.

What a person relaxing might look like

We here at TFN welcome this awesome new idea!  The best part of this is that there is no need to wear a mask!  That should help a lot of people get more comfortable with this plan.

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