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Coronavirus Not the Name but the Cure

Author: Roving Reporter: Brownlow Mullins, Laurel, Md.

Mon Mar 23 2020


EARTH - The CDC, WHO, and Brewers Association have announced they have found that due to a translation error from Chinese, Coronavirus was found not to be the name of the virus, but the CURE. Chinese researchers had been consuming copious amounts of the "vaccine" Corona beer to ward off illness and were previously too intoxicated to detect the error. It is speculated that the alcohol and other ingredients destroy the virus in the body and on surfaces. Other not yet understood biological mechanisms led the treated person to have less apprehension and stress regarding the underlying condition.

It should be noted that consuming too much of the "cure" may lead to operators of vehicles in the West to be impaired and have more accidents.

Other beer makers have claimed that their beer works just as good as Corona and that they are trying to exploit the Lime light. Corona has replied to these critics by stating they have always been served with a lime, so they are entitled to it's light.  

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