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UFC Fighter Reunited with Lucky Underwear Thanks to Special Dog

Author: William Peden (Contributing author) 

Wed Feb 12 2020


Unbenounced to UFC fans everywhere a few days ago the #1 ranked welterweight in the world almost retired having lost his good luck charm and with it, his will to fight. But thanks to social media and a very special dog, he's been reunited with his lucky underwear. 

This was the moment Bryan Payton had eagerly awaited for what seemed like an eternity. "I was relieved, excited, and probably a few other emotions,” the eloquent fighter said.  “I was like 'Yes! I can still prizefight!'”.

Bryan Payton had lost his lucky underwear this past Saturday night after the UFC’s main event in New York City.   Fueled with adrenaline and Xcience Bryan made the biggest mistake a superstitious athlete could. Overjoyed after beating former champion Darius O’Malley, the 14-2 fighter celebrated by throwing his lucky underwear into the Madison Square Garden crowd.  “I watched those orange undies leave my hands and with them, my soul.”

Fans swarmed on the tossed undergarment immediately.  When the smoke cleared from the securities smoke grenades not even the camera crew could tell who came up with the once in a lifetime souvenir.  Bryan should have been the on top of the world post the biggest win of his MMA career, but he found himself not being able to even enjoy his own after party.

"I remember thinking it was all over.  My title run, my legacy. Without my lucky drawers there was no way I could compete in the big show. Bellator maybe, but not the UFC.”

That night, while Bryan was moping in his margarita, a fan, who wishes to remain anonymous, and her dog Sprocket contacted UFC president Dana White on twitter and said they had found Payton’s lost underwear. Dana White was so desperate to reunite Bryan with his missing good luck charm he was prepared to offer up his own previously used underwear to the fans.  Luckily, that wasn't necessary.

"It makes me feel f---ing amazing. It just goes to show that the UFC, we’ve got the best fans out there.", White said.

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