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Study Reveals Believing Everything You Read
Could Lead To Loss Of Cognitive Functions

Author: Scott Teubert (Contributing author)

Wed Feb 05 2020


THE INTERNET - A new study shows that believing everything you read on the internet can lead to lowered cognitive abilities. The study, published in late May of 2018 by E.G. Harper Elementary School, asserts that simply by believing every single thing you read, you may be at risk of a loss of critical thinking skills, degenerative social skills, and in some cases complete loss of motor skills.

The phenomenon, called Modern Obtuse Reasoning Overload Neurology (or MORON) has affected millions of people already, the study shows. “Most are in the early stages, it would seem,” states researcher Arnold
Grape. “But with the speed this phenomenon has taken off, this could very well become a global crisis in just a few years.”


There are a few signs if you believe yourself to be someone who falls under this category. The most common things to look out for are:

  • Behavioral and social problems
  • Poor planning and problem solving abilities
  • Failure to grow intellectually
  • Difficulty understanding and following social rules

As the condition intensifies, it begins to affect personalities, making those afflicted exponentially more narcissistic and arrogant, entertaining delusions that they know more about a certain topic than even specialists in said field. These symptoms continue to intensify until the brain begins to overload, causing it to shut down and make the victim completely catatonic. In the event a victim of the condition is revived from their catatonic state, in all cases they have the intellectual capacity equivalent to a three year old child.

But there are treatment options available for those who are in the first stages, says Grape. “As far as treatment goes, there are things you can do at home. Don’t spend so much time reading fake articles, or at least fact check,” says Grape. “Aside from that, I don’t know, take a critical thinking class or something. Just think for yourself. Pretty simple, really.”

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