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The Makers of Corona Would Like You to Know...

Author: Stampy McGlitterstitches

Thu Jan 30 2020


EARTH - In the wake of what appears to be the makings of a Stephen King novel, a new virus is spreading all throughout China, and now some parts of the rest of the world.  The unfortunately named Coronavirus.  The name is unfortunate if you happen to be a maker or seller of a popular beer that happens to have the same name.

Many bars and distributors of the Mexican lager are selling the product at a discounted price, with labels that say, "Not the virus" on them.  Bartenders across the world are having to assure their customers that the beer is still safe.

You would think that this is completely a joke, but there are actual REAL news sources reporting this as an actual talking point.  There are people out there that actually think that the virus is from the beer.  In case you don't feel like clicking that link, that story is from Forbes.  An actual credible news source.  Running the same story that we are.

Sometimes reality is just as silly as satire tries to be.


Still not a virus.



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