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Some New Images We Thought You'd Like To See

Author: Chris P. Bacon

Fri Nov 15 2019


UNITED STATES - I would love to try to pretend that this site never does anything political.  We have...  And this week has been especially political for everyone in the country.  You can't even watch daytime TV right now, unless you happen to like watching impeachment hearings.  So it's pretty much unavoidable right now anyway.  Rather than try to avoid it completely let's take a look at some of the funnier things that happened.

I must admit that I haven't watched much of the hearings.  I have to work for a living.  But I've been catching the highlights.

The signs in the House chamber


I don't know...  It seems pretty clear to me that the GOP is coming around on this whole event... They are willing to show their support.

Sean Spicer is no longer working for the White House of course. Which is good.  Because it freed him up to do something even more embarrassing.


In news unrelated to the president.  Wait, who am I kidding?  

Roger Stone was just found guilty of, well, everything.  


I know what you're thinking right about now...  How is Mr Trump's son doing with his new book?  This one:


Which was reported to be on at the top of The New York Times best sellers list.  That much was true.  But it also had a small dagger icon next to it denoting that the only reason there were so many sales is because most of them were bought in bulk.  By the GOP.  To give out to donors.

The other really funny thing about this (other than Half Scoop getting heckled at his own book signings), is that I do know the real name of the book.  But when I went to search for the book, the above image was the one I found.

Finally...  It is worth mentioning that Trump never actually said the words "Quid Pro Quo".  What he said was Squid GoPro.  It's a completely different thing.


So everything is totally okay.

Okay...  I think that's enough for now.  I hope you enjoyed this week's news wrapup.  

Disclaimer:  Not all of these images are mine.  But a few of them are.  Just thought I'd let you know that.

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