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Football 2019 Is on!!

Author: John Yaya

Mon Aug 05 2019


PHILADELPHIA, PA- Preseason NFL has started! Woohoo!! To all of you reading this who aren't in America, this is American Rules Football. Not soccer.

This is the time of the year that all football fans are getting set to root their team on. All the teams have rabid fans that are absolutely sure that THIS year is going to be the year! This is it!

But let's face it folks, unless you're a Patriots fan, you cannot really have that much faith that your team s gonna make it. That's not a compliment to the Patriots, btw.

Continuing through the season, it is more likely that you will start to feel a little let down. By the beginning of November you are starting to notice that those earlier losses are keeping your team from having any chance at the playoffs. But there's still a chance, right?!


And near the end of December you will be totally broken and resigned to rooting for whatever team is in the playoffs that you don't completely loathe. This is also the point that most people are saying, "So, who's going to play the Patriots this year?" Again... Not a compliment. Screw those guys.


I would have continued this story by showing the plant dead and wilted, but here's the thing. That plant is still alive. And it has many grandchildren. Much like your favorite team, it will be back next year. So just go back to the top to see the confident plant.


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