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President Proudly Reveals New Presidential Seal

Author: John Yaya

Fri Jul 26 2019


WASHINGTON, DC- The President unveils the new Presidential Seal. The President was delivering the introduction Tuesday, at Turning Point USA’s student summit when the image was shown on the screen behind him.

The new Presidential Seal differs from the original in that, instead of arrows, the eagle is grasping golf clubs and cash, the stars have been replaced by hammer and sickle, and the latin phrase on the chevron is a Spanish term which we'd rather not spoil. There are many more subtle changes. Please have a look for yourself, and have fun spotting the differences.

The part of this story that is not fake is that this really happened. The truth of the matter is that someone on the AV team managed to get that image up on the screen and no one was aware that it was happening until it was too late. That person has evidently been sacked.


It is not exactly known how the image managed to make it that far without anyone noticing. We really don't even know if the person who did it was really caught or really sacked. But it is worth mentioning that we do know who the creator of the image is. He happens to be a user on our favorite news aggregator, He was unaware that someone had used the image until he read about it on the news like the rest of us. He is a graphic designer for a living, and the image was created as a goof. If you would like to know more, and buy a bunch of merchandise, you can visit his site.

We at Totally Fake News here solute OneTermDonnie and wish him well for his 15 minutes of fame. Congratulations on your internet lottery win!

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