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Today is World Turtle Day

Author: Walter Terrapin

Thu May 23 2019


THE EARTH - Just about every day is an observance day of some sort or other. Today is World (National) Turtle Day! So get out your turtle themed balloons, t-shirts, mugs, and party hats. Dress up your turtle in his or her best party shell, get out and have some fun!

This is not an observance to be taken lightly
It has been known for hundreds of years that they entire Earth is supported by a gigantic turtle. Just about every culture on the planet, no matter how far you travel, has some mythology surrounding the World-Turtle theory. Today is the day that we pay homage to the animal whose labor literally gives support to the entire planet.


The importance of turtles cannot be overstated, as reference by the young man from this popular news clip of a few years ago. Seriously... What's not to like?

Of course we know that this is further proof that the Earth is obviously flat. But we aren't going to get into that here.


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