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It's National Emergency Weekend!

Author: Chris P. Bacon

Sun Feb 17 2019


United States - Well, it finally happened. It seems that Trump has found a way to pay for his wall. And thank goodness for that! The humanitarian crisis at the southern border needs to be addressed. We've got to stop all those drug dealers, rapists, and terrorists from crossing our border! Plus, when they get here the first thing they do is steal our jobs, get free healthcare, and send their kids to our schools!

The nerve of those people, trying to come here and make a better life for themselves. What a bunch of losers! They should have been smart like us, and been born here!

It's so bad! They are coming in by the millions. Here is a helpful shot of the southern border, in one area where the was is done.


Now that The Donald has some $6 billion to work with, he should be able to get at least 2 miles or so of wall built. But only after he acquires the land from the current owner and all the legal challenges that go with that, does the required surveys of the area, gets the necessary environmental permits, hires someone to do the job, and orchestrates a supply channel to get the materials there.
Of course, none of this will happen until after the court challenges currently being raised by Congress are finished. And all he has to do there is prove that the National Emergency is not a complete fabrication. He also has to prove that he wasn't serious when he said, "I didn't need to do this."

Okay look... First of all, Trump has not gotten anything accomplished here except wasting more of our time and money. We do have a National Emergency. It is at our southern border. And it is a humanitarian crisis. It just isn't what Trump says it is.

This is what a humanitarian crisis looks like:


This is where I break character and say something serious...

To all of you "patriots" out there that think this is okay, and the right thing to do, consider that it is neither. Plus, it is NOT patriotic. In fact it's downright UNAmerican.

How can you call yourself a patriot, and at the same time say that all those people in the south need to go back into the desert and die... Down there, conveniently out of sight? How can you say it's okay to split up families, taking babies from their mothers while they are nursing? Lock them all up in overcrowded detention facilities. Lose the kids because they can't keep their paperwork straight! They've had 2-year-olds representing themselves in court!!

This is just the first thing of many that pops to mind when I think about how cruel and horrific this situation is.

Those people down there. They are real people, you know, humans. They also have hopes and dreams. They got dealt a royally crappy hand in life. And they are doing the only thing they can to make a better life. This country was founded on giving those people a place to do that.

Immigration crossings at the southern border are actually LOWER than they've ever been. And even those caravans... They represent some 4000 people. I've been to concerts that held 10x that many people. There is nothing "impossible" about managing that amount of people.

And you "patriots" want to shut the door and tell them to go F themselves. Very unAmerican.

Yes, we have a National Emergency. And it's being caused by President Trump. And it's being perpetuated by one of the most successful misinformation and propaganda machines since WWII.

One other good point to make here is that even if Trump somehow managed to magically get this project done, it will not do a damn thing to address the actual problems with immigration. It won't stop crime. It won't stop drugs. It won't stop terrorists. Whatever it costs to actually build it (some $60 billion at best) will have to be paid again, roughly every 10 years just to maintain it as it falls into disrepair.


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