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Sessions to Return to Playing Cotton Hill

Author: R. D. RR. Whitaker

Wed Nov 07 2018


WASHINGTON, DC - Jeff Sessions has decided to leave his post as Attorney General for the Trump administration and go back to his first love of acting. For 10 years before becoming a Senator from Alabama, he played Cotton Hill, Frank Hill's father on the TV show King of the Hill.

Of course, you may also have seen him as a Keebler Elf from time to time, which is a commercial gig he took on when he needed the money. "I don't even like cookies!", jokes Sessions.

This shocking news comes the day after the mid-term elections where the majority of the House of Representatives was won by the Democrats. It is expected that this prompted Session to give it up and get out of town.


Mike Judge, the creator of the show is thrilled to have him back. "Well, the show hasn't actually been running for 8 years or so, but we are starting up again!!"

Mr. Sessions could be seen waving goodbye to his staff on the way out of the AG's office for the final time.
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