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Netflix Inks Deal with Steve Bannon and Alex Jones

Author: R. D. RR. Whitaker


LOS GATOS, CA - Exactly one day after announcing that they had signed a deal with President Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama, Netflix has announced that they have also signed a deal with Steve Bannon of Breitbart News, and Alex Jones of Info Wars.

Whereas the Obamas intend to provide content that is uplifting, progressive, educational, intelligent, thoughtful, topical, and useful, this new deal is intended to be the counterpoint of that. Bannon and Jones will continue their campaigns of hate, conspiracy theories, racism, nationalism, ignorance, junk science, and general stupidity.

According to sources at Netflix, "We can't have only one side represented."

Users will be able to enjoy a documentary concerning Michelle Obama's "Look to the Stars" charity and all the work they are doing across the globe. Then you can immediately stream the next video explaining how the government fakes school shootings in an effort to confiscate your guns.

Many Netflix subscribers have threatened to boycott the service in light of yesterday's announcement. It is their hope that this move will make some of their subscribers reconsider.

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