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The Earth is Reclaiming the White House

Author: Kent C. Strait


WASHINGTON, DC - The President said early on in his campaign that his intention was to "drain the swamp". It appears that Mother Earth is getting tired of waiting. In fact, she has decided to start draining right at what appears to be the source of the greatest swamp to ever sully the face of the Earth.

A sinkhole appeared on the White House lawn this morning, in seems to be an attempt to reclaim that part of the world by consuming the Presidential house and offices.

Experts say there is nothing surprising about this. According to a scientist at the US Geological Survey, "The Earth has defense mechanisms built in. When she perceives a threat, she will sometimes act to fix the problem."

There is speculation that this may be a portal to another dimension. If there is any truth to that, let us hope that it is the gateway back to the dimension that we were in before November, 2016.

Update: Tue May 23 2018: It has just come to our attention that this event marks the one year anniversary of a similar sinkhole opening on Mar-a-Lago lawn! So Mother Nature started her work a year ago, and has actually begun phase two.

It's getting more and more difficult to write satire when the actual news is just as silly.

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