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Tom from MySpace Acquires Facebook

Author: Kent C. Strait


MENLO PARK, CA - There was a time that MySpace was the premiere social media site. Until Facebook came along and squashed them. Unfortunately for Facebook, their recent troubles have caused the company to lose millions in the past few weeks. This has forced CEO, Mark Zuckerberg to sell a large portion of the company. The previous owner of MySpace known as "everyone's friend", or just Tom, has agreed to make the purchase.

Tom, now aged 46, had retired from the social media life and now he just travels the globe as a photographer. He sees this as an opportunity to relive the glory days.

"I have been waiting for this opportunity to stick it to that Zuckerberg!", says Tom from atop a mountain in Tibet, where he was snapping some new photos. "Once Facebook came on the scene with my exact idea, I sold out. I had no choice. I miss those days! I want to take his site from him now."

Tom Anderson was the creator of MySpace. It was the next logical step in social media following AOL, Prodigy, and Compuserve. This was back in the days when a Presidential election could not be swayed by something stupid like social media.

MyFacebookSpace as it will be known will incorporate the best ideas of MySpace, like the user's ability to customize their pages to the point of completely absurd lunacy. People who are prone to seizures should probably avoid the new layouts, with all the crazy strobe-light flashing and animated GIFs. The chaotic inconsistent layouts are another thing we can look forward to.

There is no word on if the data-gathering processes currently used by Facebook will continue. Considering that no one seems to mind that very much, it will likely remain as it is.

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