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God Speaks About the Final Four

Author: Kent C. Strait


TEXAS - The Final Four is this weekend. Loyola-Chicago, Michigan, Villanova and Kansas are all preparing for today's national semifinals.

At this time of March Madness basketball, a lot of people are calling upon God to make sure their team wins. Loyola even has a Nun on their side! This is not unusual of course, it happens all the time. Coaches, players, fans, everyone... But if everyone is praying to God for their team to win, that puts the almighty in an awkward spot.

In a rare event God has released a statement. In short, he cannot help.

God would like everyone to know that He is not taking sides. He is simply not going to intervene in this series. "Please don't ask me to make all four teams happy." He says, "You know that's impossible. So I'm not taking any side."

He continues, "Besides, I'm a basketball fan. And because of that, I cannot intervene... I want to see good fair games without any divine intervention. How would that look if God favored one team over another? That would make a lot of people very unhappy."

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