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Facebook Hack is Unimportant

Author: Phineas J Rocketdump


WASHINGTON DC - An investigation by The Observer of London and the The New York Times claims a firm outsourced by Donald Trump mined Facebook data from roughly 50 million users without permission to influence the 2016 Election. The report directly quotes whistleblower and former Cambridge Analytica firm employee Christopher Wylie who says, "Yeah, well, if you are a Facebook user, the last thing you should expect is privacy."

The Trump administration insists that this is unimportant because the data was only used to see how many people had cats, or posted pictures of their food. In no way was the data actually used to target users with ads, especially not those paid for by the Trump Campaign, or Russia.

Despite the denial, it was revealed that the firm used a fake personality test, and gathered the data from some 200,000 test takers, in order to target a specific set of users and their friends with campaign ads. Which may say more about how gullible 50 million people are than any sort of a security breach.

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