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Kellyanne Conway to be Reprimanded

Author: Phineas J Rocketdump


WASHINGTON DC - It was disclosed on Tuesday that Kellyanne Conway violated the Hatch Act during 2 interviews last year. While against the law, it is not a violation that would land a person in jail. It does however, require a reprimand from the President. As another news source points out, "It would be very irresponsible for Trump to not reprimand Conway immediately. It would set very bad precedent." This administration is known for its impeccable integrity, so we expect that this situation will be resolved in short order.

According to sources, President Trump is now preparing to reprimand Conway, but will be delayed until a few other smaller matters are wrapped up. A number of things need to be addressed first including:

  • Enacting the bipartisan Russia Sanctions
  • Releasing his tax returns
  • Settling the lawsuit with Stormy Daniels
  • Hiring new staff to replace recent departures
  • Playing golf
  • Blame Hillary Clinton
  • Work out the new steel and aluminum tariffs
  • Resolve DACA policy
  • Ensure that big game hunters can once again shoot elephants
  • Interview with Robert Mueller

"This will be the best reprimand ever seen in this country. I will tell her things, lots of things. You'll see.", the President was quoted as saying. "No one has ever reprimanded someone like this. Not Obama, anyone... It will be huge."

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