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New Laws Allow Drivers to Take Action

Author: Phineas J Rocketdump


TRENTON NJ - In a move that sure to gain much support, Governor Phil Murphy today signed new legislation that would allow drivers to take matters into their own hands. The new Road Rage and Retribution act will go into effect on March 1st, just in time for the spring driving season.

Under the new rules, when a driver sees another driver doing something wrong, they will be allowed to follow that person until they pull over and beat them up. In no way is this expected to cause trouble for New Jersey drivers since they are widely regarded to be the most courteous and safe drivers in the country.

The hope is that some of the burden of enforcing traffic laws can be taken off of the police force. Too much time and effort has been put into having police pulling drivers over. The trouble is that most of the things the police are ticketing drivers for, don't much matter to other drivers. No one really cares about speeding, or running a light that just turned red. Drivers want to see action on more immediate problems, like riding in the left hand lane for too long, cutting you off, or honking the horn when they shouldn't have.

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