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Russians Mourn the Loss of Thousands of Twitter Bots

Author: Phineas J Rocketdump


TWITTER USA - Owners of some wildly popular Twitter bots were shocked and saddened this morning when it was discovered that many of their beloved Twitter Bots had been shut down.

Never before has it seemed so appropriate to offer thoughts and prayers to those that lost their accounts. But also to those that lost 1000's of followers! Many Twitter users suddenly found themselves with as few at 2 followers after this action.

Twitter user Pentecostal Atheist offers up, "I would like to take a moment of silence and remembrance of those who have lost their fake Russian bot followers. My heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with you in this time of need." A sentiment echoed across all of Twitter.

Much attention has been given in recent weeks to the reality that Russia had used social media networks like Twitter to interfere in our most recent Presidential election. Whereas that is certainly true, what is also true is that Americans are a bunch of idiots for not noticing. Now that a number of the offending accounts have been shut down, people are complaining about losing followers without realizing that that is precisely the problem.

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