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Country Excited by Military Parade

Author: Anonymous


WASHINGTON DC - Now that all other budget concerns are taken care of, and there is no more chance of a government shutdown, and our military is stronger than ever, President Trump wants to have a military parade. The parade is expected to cost taxpayers roughly $17 million, and the country couldn't be more excited! It's not like that money is doing us any good anyway. As a plus, now that there are no problems in the world requiring their attention, the military doesn't have anything better to do.

"I'm absolutely looking forward to seeing our best military equipment rolling up the street in DC. It warms my heart." says one homeless veteran.

The sentiment of the country is that our taxes have already solved all other problems like health care, immigration, civil rights, crime, unemployment, the national deficit, homelessness, the drug epidemic, environmental concerns, current military operations, etc... Considering the surplus of tax dollars, we can't imagine this money being better spent than the show of grandeur that is military might.

Much of the fight about how the new budget would pass boiled down to how well our military personnel are funded. Now that the new budget has passed, we can put that money to use directly as intended. And what better way to show how that money is being spent than to roll the tanks up Pennsylvania Ave as the President proudly oversees the event.

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