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Eagles Fans Looking Forward to a Good, Fun Game this Sunday

Author: Some sports writer


PHILADELPHIA - Philadelphia Eagles fans have a long standing reputation for treating away team's fans with the utmost respect and courtesy. This tradition of sportsmanship for all sports teams goes back decades.

Eagles fans are excited for this Sunday's National League Championship game against the Minnesota Vikings. This is the single most important game of the season for both teams, and the fans are looking forward to opening their stadium to all of the Vikings fans that would like to attend.

"We are all fans. And we know the Vikings fans are just as happy to be here as we are happy to have them.", said one fan. "We have plenty of tea and crumpets to share with our friends from Minnesota."

Police Commissioner Richard Ross Jr. says that the police force are going to only use the light-weight, foam covered, riot gear. "We are in fact not even bringing on any more security for this event than usual. Philadelphia fans are just so nice and friendly."

Bars in the area are expecting slightly higher volume than usual, but don't expect any sort of problems. "We know the Eagles fans. They are a friendly bunch. In no manner are we worried about any sort of trouble.", says the owner of one south Philly pub.

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