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Experts Predict Historic Snowstorm this Week. Maybe.

Author: Some Weather Writer


Experts are saying with absolute certainty that in the New York City area, we will receive snowfall that will total between 0" and 48". The fear is that we will receive one of the fiercest blizzards in modern history, or we won't.

Meteorologists across the country agree that this could be the storm of the century. An equal number of meteorologists predict that this storm won't produce any snow at all.

"We are confident that this storm will produce enormous snow totals, or absolutely none worth mentioning.", says Storm Team 4, out of New York. According to the team, actual temps in the city could hit -2 on Friday, with -15 north and west. Widespread school closings are possible because of the cold, or not.

Road crews up and down the entire east coast are bracing for extended hours of clean up, or to be disappointed for not being able to charge overtime.

Editor's note: Most stories here are completely fake. This one may actually be spot-on true.

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