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Trump's Choice for SCOTUS Walked in off the Street

Author: No one special


Under normal circumstances, confirmation hearings for district court judges aren't headline grabbers.

But this hearing caught the eye of the news immediately. Sen. John Kennedy, R-Louisiana, asking Matthew S. Petersen, routine questions along the lines of; "Have you ever tried a case in District Court?" The answer was no. "How about Municipal court?" The answer again, was no.

"Have you ever tried a case in front of a jury?"

"Have you every actually tried a case as a judge in a court of law?"

"Are you, in fact a judge?"

"Are you, in fact a lawyer?!"
"Well, no."

"Why are you here exaclty?!"
"I just walked into the building because thought I smelled lunch. Someone said something about the President. Next thing I know I'm sitting here..."

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