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Trumps Lawyer Says it was HIM on Access Hollywood Tape

Author: Local Genius

Tue Dec 5, 2017


In an effort to completely clear the air about what really happened on that Access Hollywood tape, Trump's personal lawyer, John Dowd has now said that it was, in fact, he himself that made those comments.

What Trump himself had once dismissed as "locker room talk", did not actually occur in the timeline in which Access Hollywood claims. Speaking to reporters, Down claims that "We talk like that all the time. But Mr. Trump wasn't even present when that happened."

Billy Bush has stated in a recent op ed that Trump DID make those comments. He was there to witness it.

"The audio in that video clip was recorded at a completely different time. Billy Bush is claiming that he was there, and that he witnessed it as well, but that is also untrue.", claims Dowd. While viewing a copy of the tape which includes Trump and Bush talking to each other, Dowd dismissed it as "Fake news".

Many in Washington are now questioning if Access Hollywood may have fabricated the entire story in an effort to discredit the President. Many lawyers and legal scholars disputed Dowd's retelling of the events, citing several examples where Trump has already admitted to, and commented on the situation - as well as, in the words of one expert, "common sense."

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