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Flat Earther Convinces Scientists that the Earth is Actually Flat

Author: Anonomous

Tue Nov 28, 2017


A Flat Earth Society member has come forward with evidence so convincing that the scientific community has to rethink its many thousand year old belief that the Earth is round. The initial question most people ask Flat Earthers is, "What happens when you reach the edge". Using some very complicated math, and a demonstration of the Atari game Asteroids, they have shown that what happens, is you instantly appear on the opposite side. In other words, the world, in reality "wraps" in an infinite manner. There is no outer edge. When you reach the edge, you simply continue from the other side without even being aware that it happened. This is analogous to riding a lap around a race track. At some point you end up back where you started.

The reason that the Earth appears round, when seen from space is also related to the curving and wrapping of space. "The further you move away from a large object, the more it appears to curve", says John Littleberries of the Flat Earth Society. This is why all objects appear round when seen from a distance.

The entire scientific community is absolutely shocked that they have overlooked what seems so obvious for so long. "This is going to upend our understanding of the physical properties of the entire universe!", one physicist was quoted as saying.


asteroidsIn this demonstration, we see that when objects leave one edge of the screen, they don't just disappear, or fall away. Due to the curvature of space, and the infinite nature of matter, objects instantly appear on the other side. Rather than attempting to explain this further, we thought it would be more beneficial to our readers to show the actual equation that explains the phenomenon:
If you are having a hard time understanding, you may notice that the symbol for infinity () shows up 3 times. So, clearly this is a valid explanation. There is no chance at all that our writer did a Google image search and posted some random equation. We wouldn't allow that.


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