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Scientists Make Viruses More Friendly

Author: Anonomous


Frustrated with viruses that continue to mutate and become more difficult to control, scientists have taken a different angle. To simply make them more agreeable. The new version of the flu vaccine this season will include new chromosomal mutations that will affect the virus DNA. The mutations will reprogram the flu virus, rather than try to kill it. The upshot is that subsequent generations of the virus become more friendly and less likely to try and kill everyone. Because viruses can yield new generations very quickly, it will take a very short time for the new vaccine to become effective.

Scientists hope that this move will introduce a new age where humans and viruses can live in harmony rather than in constant conflict. It is estimated that thousands of people are killed by viruses every year. There is no actual count on the number of individual viruses that have been killed because there is no way to write a number that large. So large that it is meaningless without using scientific notation. Since most people have so little idea how that works, it's equally meaningless.
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