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Giants Excited About Seeing Real NFL End Zone Up Close

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DENVER—Excitedly running their hands along the white goal line and huddling around the pylons, members of the New York Giants were thrilled to see a real NFL end zone up close before their game against the Denver Broncos, sources confirmed Sunday. “Oh my God, hey, Eli [Manning], come over here and check this out!” said running back Paul Perkins, who reportedly posed for photos in the end zone with his teammates before asking a referee if they were allowed to share them on social media. “Wow, I’ve heard friends on the Jaguars and Browns talk about seeing an end zone, but that’s just not the same as seeing one for yourself. This is amazing. I still can’t believe my eyes.” At press time, coach Ben McAdoo was reportedly scrambling to control the chaos after Jason Pierre-Paul spread a rumor among the defense that they might see the opposing team’s backfield that day.

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