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The 2023 Election was a Disaster

Author: Mr. Optimism

Wed Nov 08 2023


AMERICA - Hahah.  Sorry if that alarmed you.  That headline is only true if you are a Republican, and you were hoping that the right-wing propaganda machine would deliver you all that right-wing goodness.  But alas, that didn't happen.  That rarest of events in this, the dumbest timeline, sanity seems to have prevailed. 

This might be among the first times I've ever been happy to be writing a story like this.  Yesterday was election day 2023.  It wasn't nationwide.  It was only a handful of states.  But those states set the groundwork for what the NEXT election is going to look like.  The next election will be for President, of course.  But there will be other races too, like always.

Now seems like a good time to plop this here so you know when it's coming

Now back to our main story already in progress
There are many words to say about this, but sometimes a single person can sum things up really well.  As this person on Twixxer so eloquently put it...


Now, to expand on what that all means...
Let's start with Ohio.  They had two questions on their ballot.  One was, "Should we add abortion protection to the state Constitution?"  The other one was, "Do you want legal weed?".  Both passed with overwhelming YES's.  But I would like to talk about the first one first.  Because that was the biggest one!  It was a huge win.  It's a win for Women.  It's a win for caregivers.  It's a win for human beings in general.  And it sets the stage for many other states to do the same thing.

This is how we start the process of telling the SCOTUS that they REALLY screwed up when they overturned RvW.  And they are effectively being told that they can shove that ruling up the back part of their robes.  Hopefully Ohio is the first of many.  This needs to be done nationwide.  The people have spoken.  The vast majority want access to abortion to remain legal, and that also means safe.  Failure to do so is going to result in millions of unnecessary deaths and injuries, and uncountable suffering.  Not to mention that medical decisions and the right to one's own body need to remain with individuals and their doctors.  Not a bunch of religious nutjobs that only seem concerned with babies being born, and no concern for the mother, or for that matter, the baby after it's born.

In Virginia, the Democrats maintained the Senate and flipped the House. Yes, the Republicans lost both the Senate and the House. Glen Youngkin had plans to restrict abortion rights, specifically a ban after 15 weeks.  That's not going to happen now.

In Kentucky, they re-elected their Democrat governor.  Just a huge win there.  This is a super red state.  And the guy he beat was running on his intention to protect the abortion ban in that state.  

I've already made my statement about the importance of access to abortion.  This is 3 states in a row, where that key issue is what lost the Republicans so much ground.  Because as I said, the people have spoken.  They do not want the right taken away.

In Pennsylvania, specifically Philadelphia, they elected Cherelle Parker as the first woman as mayor, ever.  And she is a Democrat.  A Democrat also won a seat on the Supreme Court.  Nothing but good news there.

In New Jersey, my home state, Ed Durr lost his re-election.  He's the guy who was shown in political ads as saying, "A woman has a choice.  She can keep her legs closed."  Which is something only a complete asshole would say.  And it really makes me wonder why we don't have some sort of minimum standards for elected politicians.  He should never have gotten that seat to begin with.  And it's very refreshing to see him soundly drummed out.  My hometown also re-elected our Democratic mayor.  

What we have here is all of these states rejecting the far-right, rejecting Trumpism, rejecting the cult.  Rejecting theocracy.  They are rejecting the Conservative ideas that have not only held back progress, but are actively sending us backward.  Rejecting the lies and the vilification.  Rejecting misogyny.  Rejecting bigotry, fascism, and xenophobia.  And this is just THIS election.  Let us not lose this momentum.  Look at the timer above.  That's how long we have until the next election.  And that one will not be just a handful of states.  And make no mistake, this election is tremendously important.

It seems like every time an election comes up, people say "This is the most important ever."  This time it is absolutely true.  This time it really IS different.  Because the last election we came damned close to losing our Democracy completely.  And many of the people that were instrumental in trying to get Drumpf re-elected, and THEN assisted him in trying to overturn the election are still serving in Congress!!!  They NEED TO GO.  I cannot stress enough.  They need to be ousted.  Every single Republican that is up for re-election needs to go.  Especially people like MGT, Boehbert, Gaetz, Jordan, and all the rest of those morons that have literally tried to destroy this government from the inside.  In case you are wondering, they are ALL up for re-election.

Follow the link in the counter above.  That site includes information on how to register to vote, whether your state has early voting, and how to sign up for mail-in voting.  All the resources are there in one convenient place.  Share the link.  Use the widget.  Get the word out to anyone that will listen.

That is all I have to say about election 2023.

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