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The Mugshots Have Been Released

Author: Happy Citizen

Fri Aug 25 2023


ATLANTA GA - The time for the 19 people indicted in the scheme to overturn the 2020 GA election results is here.  The deadline is noon today, August 25th.  We were secretly hoping that at least one of the indicted would fail to show.  But alas, all 19 surrendered, including the ring leader of the circus, who is pictured at the top of this article.  It would have been much more fun to have warrants issued for arrests.  Since that didn't happen, we are resigned to writing yet another story about these people and for what they have been accused.

At the risk of stating the obvious, there are already a ton of articles out there with all of these pictures.  I have no interest in competing with them, or rewriting all of that.  Also, during the course of my research and finding all of these images, most of those sites SUCK!  They are slow, bloated, unstable, click bait sites, that are loaded with ads, and don't provide any reasonable information, let alone entertainment value.

On this site I tend to stick to a more light-hearted approach to these stories. And I attempt to point out the important parts of the story that sometimes get lost in the mainstream media.  And because this is satire and commentary, it doesn't really matter if my legalize is perfect.  It's not trying to be.

In the end, the main purpose of this story is to provide a repository for these images, that is NOT on one of those bloated sites.  Hopefully people will find these images and read the story here rather than having to deal with the nonsense I dealt with while doing my research.

So, on to the mugshots.  And, so you know...  There are 19 people in this indictment, but I'm not going to waste your time with all of them.  About half of them were comparatively minor players.  The ones listed here are the important ones.


Rudy Giuliani
America's Mayor.  Pffft.  No.  In all reality no one ever thought that.  He was a scumbag before 9/11.  He was a scumbag after 9/11.  The only reason the whole country was looking to him during 9/11 was because he just happened to be mayor when that happened.  And what did he do exactly?  He did his job as the mayor of a city that was the victim of a terrorist attack.  He did what ANY mayor would have done.  He was not a hero.  Anyone else would have done exactly as he did.  What was he going to do otherwise?!  Sell New York City to the Saudis?  So let's not elevate this guy to hero status simply because he gave some press conferences, and allowed people to do their jobs.

As a fun bonus on this guy...  The RICO laws that he used to lock up so many mobsters in the early days of his mayorship, are the very same laws being used to prosecute him today.



John Eastman
This f'n guy.  This is the dude that wrote the blueprint for the whole scheme that started this up.  And for that, it is HERE that I would like to make a note for you readers so you understand what is happening here.

The main defense used by many people, including this idiot, is that they were "Just following the wishes of their client."  Yeah.  How very Nazi of you to say something like "We were just following orders."  But here's the thing about that.  As a lawyer, if your client is ordering you to break the law, you are supposed to NOT follow those orders.  D'uh.  Plus, and I cannot stress this enough, Eastman and a couple of others were the ones that PLANNED the whole thing!!!  So it was not the wishes of their client.  It was THEIR plan!  


Sidney Powell
This right here is the picture of probably the most batshit insane one of the whole lot.  She is a QAnon conspiracy theorist who came up with some of the wackiest and most hysterical ideas for how fraud occurred.  She was the one that claimed that Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez was responsible for much fraud, even though he was dead at the time.  She was also the one that was caught many times saying that she knew it was all lies, but was going through with it anyway.  That might have been one of the more sane things she said.


Kenneth Cheseboro
I am conflicted about this person's name because his first name is my name too.  And that angers me.  Especially since the Barbie movie REALLY made all Kens look like a bunch of f'n tools. Now we've got to deal with this asshole also giving Kenneths a bad name.  But his last name is so awesome that I am willing to let it slide.

What's he in trouble for?  He's the guy that cooked up the fake electors plan.  That plan really seems to be the final desperate attempt in this whole mess.  In their minds it seemed like it might have worked.  But as it got closer to Jan 6th, it was becoming more and more clear that the people they needed to sign off on their lies like, "Just say it's fraud, and we'll do the rest.", were people saying 


And that list was getting longer and longer.  It was clear the scheme was falling apart.  And they pushed forward with it anyway.


Mark Meadows
Chief of staff to Drumpf.  If there was one person who was a key player and and making sure that all the pieces on the board were moving according to plan, it was him.  He was the manager.  He's probably the sharpest and smartest of the whole lot.  Which means that he is and was actually the most dangerous.  It was he that had his hands on the wheel.  It was he that was conducting the orchestra.  It was he managing the McDonald's during the dinnertime rush.


Jenna Ellis
If you ever wondered what someone looks like when they are nothing but a little girl caught up in a cult, and so enamored with the cult leader that she is willing to go to jail for that person and smile for her mugshot, you need look no further than this person.  Even if nothing ever happens to Drumpf, she is going to jail.  Period.  There is no escaping it.  And she seems to be perfectly happy to do so.

Did I mention Drumpf followers are in a cult?


Ray Smith


Scott Hall

These last two are only listed because they look stupid and evil enough to be caught up in this mess.  Their parts were comparatively minor.  But it's worth pointing them out because like all of the others I didn't list here, these are people that got suckered into breaking federal law, in support of a guy that lied to them, and got them to believe there was actual fraud in the election, and their efforts were actually going to help right a wrong.  In short, they are idiots.

In conclusion
One more shot to post


We can now add "P01135809" to his list of names.  That mugshot of his is going to go down in history as the most famous, most shared, most known likeness of Drumpf. I am glad that it is the marquee for this story.  And I hope it gets shared far and wide for decades.  I hope that if they ever decide to put up his portrait in the White House, they use that shot.

It is about time that one of these arrests was taken seriously enough to actually DO the mugshots at all.  Thank you, entire state of GA for REALLY making a point!

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