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Trump Has Declared That He is Completely Exonerated

Author: Happy Citizen

Fri Jun 16 2023


MIAMI FL - Well, I guess that does it.  Drumpf has declared that he is exonerated.  I guess the DOJ is going to have to pack it in.
¯\_( :P )_/¯

This is a follow up story to the follow up that I wrote the other day.  It is now a 3-part series so far that I'm going to call, "Why are the Republicans still treating this like it's completely normal?" Even though the GOP doesn't enter into the article, other than them thinking that continuing to run Drumpf is going to be good for them.

If you still think that they are right to do that, then clearly you have not read the indictments. 

In an effort to keep people informed, so they don't continue to look like idiots, here is the link to the PDF so you can read it for yourself.

Now, on to the humor, and what this is really about.


Ladies and gentlemen...  The Republican front-runner for President of the United States.

I don't know about you, but I don't even know what the hell he's talking about in the entire first section.  Yet, he is treating it as if it were some sort of bombshell that just dropped, and the entire country is in universal agreement that The Presidential Records Act and Clinton's cat (what?) have cleared him of all wrongdoing.  When I read that, I can't help but think of this.


Which of course, leads me directly to this.


I'm actually starting to wonder if his mental competence is going to be called into question before this trial even starts.  Because he is completely unhinged.

But okay, even if whateverTheHell he is talking about is true, it does not mean that HE is innocent.  If Hillary personally destroyed 30k emails.  If Biden took a bribe.  If Clinton is hiding money inside his cat.  If Obama has a weather controlling time machine that he keeps in his boyhood home in Kenya, it doesn't make Trump any less guilty.

It shouldn't surprise me any more, but it does, that the Republican line of thought on all of this is, Drumpf is not guilty because other people have done things.  Again...  That is not how this works.  So let me be clear, and I'm sure I speak for all non-Drumpf supporters when I say this:  If Clinton, Biden, Hunter, or anyone else are guilty of wrongdoing, then let's see it.  WE WANT them held accountable.  We do not wish to shield them.  Let's see the evidence.  Let's bring them down too.

And, see that's the difference between us and them.  We WANT accountability.  We have no interest in shielding anyone for political purposes.

But even if we did, the evidence of wrongdoing by any of them would have exactly ZERO impact on Drumpf and his illegal activity.


That's all I have to say about this in my 3rd installment.  I'm quite sure there will be more to say.  This silliness is only just the beginning.  But I'll get new graphics for the next article.

Speaking of which... The image used in the headline is available as an NFT.? If you want to support this site by purchasing one for $0.10, that would be great!

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