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Fox News Wins Lawsuit Against Dominion

Author: Annoyed Citizen

Wed Apr 19 2023


NEW CASTLE DE - After many months of interviews, depositions, and getting ready for trial, Fox News was able to abruptly settle their defamation lawsuit with Dominion Voting Systems.  Fox managed to reach a settlement where they will pay a record $787 Million to Dominion Voting Systems, which puts an end to the case. In the weeks following the 2020 election where President Biden soundly beat the disgraced, twice impeached, 34 times indicted, document stealing Orange Menace, Fox News made repeated claims that the reason Biden won was because Dominion Voting System's machines were either faulty, or rigged in favor of Biden.  Or both.

Allow me to point out why this is so completely ridiculous for all of you that STILL think that TFG was cheated somehow.  Ballots were counted with those machines.  MANY Republicans won their races, on the SAME BALLOTS where there were votes for Biden.  No one is contesting those votes.  There were not separate pieces of paper.  They were the same ballots.  But Fox News's talent repeatedly said that the machines somehow switched votes.  But only for Biden.  No explanation for that, other than blaming Dominion for it.  Even Fox's talent knew that was a load of crap.  And they said so in depositions.

It's funny how that doesn't seem to come up anymore.


You may be asking yourself why this is a win for Fox News.  Good question.  I'm glad you asked.

The reason is simple:  That payment is it.  There are no stipulations.  They pay Dominion for the damage they caused.  And that's it.  Their talent doesn't have to testify.  They don't have to apologize.  They don't even have to admit wrongdoing.  In fact, they are already controlling the narrative by telling everyone that "the judge found irregularities in Dominion's case."  And that, "this is a 1st amendment issue."  Even though neither of things are true.

Going forward, it is just business as usual for Fox News.  They will continue their massive misinformation campaign, with nothing to reign them in.  There is no penalty for any of this, other than writing a check.  And that money means nothing to them.  If they earned some $10 billion during the time they were lying about Dominion, paying less than 10% of that in a fine is not a loss.

That is a win for Fox News, without any sort of a doubt.  Moreover, they can now play that "political persecution" card.  Because, "You are just going after us because we are so Conservative!!"  Also, because Dominion had "no right to sue them for saying words."  That's protected by the first amendment!

Make no mistake though.  This is a win for Dominion too.  They just got paid $787 Million!!

So who are the losers in this case?  WE are the losers.  The American people are the losers.  Because Fox will still be allowed to lie and cheat, and support traitors and criminals, and continue to divide this country with their massive misinformation campaign.  The same campaign that led to Jan 6th.  The same sort of information that led to Paul Pelosi being beaten with a hammer.  The network will continue to allow their on-air talent to say whatever the hell they want, whether there is any truth to it or not.  They will still be allowed to call themselves "Fox News", when it's been clear for quite sometime that they are NOT actual news.  They are editorial opinion and entertainment.  And because of that they are not held to any guidelines concerning truth in broadcasting.

It is also well known that they flat out lie to people, simply to keep their audience.  They are in the business of confirming bias and nothing more.


And if you don't believe that this dangerous, well where the F have you been for the past 7 years while they have been doing this with enthusiasm and completely unchecked?

Many of us were holding out hope that the truth about Fox would finally be laid bare for all to see.  But nope.  Now that Dominion settled, there is exactly zero chance of that.  There is also zero incentive for them to change.  And there is nothing holding them back from becoming even worse and causing even more damage.

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