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Tucker Carlson Asks if Hurricanes Are a Hoax

Author: Concerned Citizen

Sat Oct 01 2022


MANHATTAN NY - You may have heard that story recently about the Hurricane Ian wreaking mass devastation across Florida, and then South Carolina.  At least one Fox "News" personality is questioning whether or not it happened.  Tucker Carlson is his name.  And he questions if, in fact, hurricanes even exist.  "Are they just a leftist hoax to try to get Florida to beg for socialist handouts?", he asked.  He also questioned, "Are hurricanes just a way for the left to push 'climate change' myths on us?"

It is a staple for Carlson to make statements with no basis in reality, but to frame them as a question.  This is a convenient way for him to be able to makes statements without having to worry about being fact checked, because he is "just asking questions."  Or as some people call it, "being evasive."

This is the whole problem with this dude's delivery.  He sets this stuff up, and no one ever challenges him because it is quite literally impossible to respond to a talking head on your TV.  Sure, you can yell at the TV all you want.  But I assure you, he can't hear you. 
As such, before we go any further, please allow us to do something that most people don't ever get the chance to do.  Answer his stupid questions.  No, you idiot trust fund baby, hurricanes are not a hoax or a scam!  They are real.  There is video evidence of it.  There is radar evidence, that I could screengrab myself...


And the people reporting on them are not doing it for ratings.  They are not trying to inflate the severity to appease their advertisers.  They are not trying to push a narrative about climate change.  What they are doing is reporting that it is happening in an effort to warn people and to minimize the suffering that such a storm can cause.

Oddly enough, you actually are trying to appease advertisers, and push a narrative of climate change denial.  Isn't that just a little bit hypocritical?

This got us thinking...
We have some questions for Tucker Carlson.  For instance, is Tucker Carlson actually a news person?  He seems to think he is.  Is Fox News actually a "News" channel?  It seems reasonable to ask these questions, because some 1/3 of this country seems to think that Fox is somehow a reliable source for politics and science.

More importantly, does Tucker Carlson have any qualifications as a meteorologist?  If he is not a news person, and not a meteorologist, exactly what are his qualifications in telling us that hurricanes aren't real?

But what about other more important things?  Like, does Tucker Carlson eat children?  Is it not possible that Carlson is on the payroll of Vladimir Putin?  Doesn't it seem odd that he has literally said that he's rooting for Russia in that f'n war in Ukraine?


Is Tucker Carlson a racist?  Doesn't this image here seem to imply that he is?


Where does he get his Klan robe laundered?  It must be very difficult to keep it so white.

Does Tucker actually do anything if he's not being paid to do so?  Doesn't it seem strange that every single one of his shows is nothing but a pile of misinformation intended to perpetuate a false narrative about, literally, whatever he happens to be discussing that day?  Do his advertisers actually support what he's doing?

Many of us out here in the real world would like to know the answers to these questions.  But we absolutely do not expect to get them because, much like yelling your TV, yelling at whatever device you are reading this on, is not going to do any good.  And it will likely get some strange looks from anyone nearby.

If you take nothing else away from this article, the accusations that we are making about Mr Carlson can easily be implied.  And since there is no way to refute anything we've said, we just want you to assume that it's all true.

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