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The Most Historic Case in History.  So Far...

Author: Mr. Optimism

Thu May 30 2024


AMERICA - Donald J. Trump, former President of the United.  Twice impeached, 94 times felony indicted, adjudicated rapist, and NOW 34 Count convicted FELON!  Yes, I just wrote that.  34 felonies, guilty on all counts.

Make no mistake this is the most historic court case in history.  This has never happened before. Just like no President has ever been impeached twice...  No President has ever been indicted, arrested, or put on trial.  And now, the biggest first of them all.  Not just one felony conviction.  34 felony convictions!  I say "So far" in the headline, because this is only the first.  There are others coming. 

Don't for a second downplay the importance of this event.  It changes everything.  It is finally the beginning of the end for the worst f'n mistake this country ever made.


Make no mistake also, that this is tremendously important for one other reason than the historical significance.  The fact that if this case failed for any reason at all, this country would have been completely screwed.  And not just a little bit.  A hung jury would have been really bad, and we know that.  But a NOT GUILTY verdict would have been a complete disaster.

In either case, Trump would have immediately been screaming from every social media platform, podcast, and talking head news show that would have him, that this was "all rigged!"  It would be all the fuel they'd need to have every other criminal case shut down, and he would be free to run his campaign without any of this hanging over him.  And all those undecided voters out there would side with him, thinking that the whole thing was a sham.

See...  They are still doing that.  They are still saying Biden's DOJ did this, even though it was a State case.  LOL.  It is just screaming into the void now.  Because all of their crap about it being a sham has been proven to be, well, crap.

It's a true and real felony conviction.  The front runner for the Republican nomination is a convicted felon.  No matter how much you scream all that nonsense of it being rigged, faked, a witch hunt, "there was no crime", and all the rest...  The LAW doesn't work that way.  This case was real.  The evidence gathered was real.  The witness testimony was real.  The grand jury that saw the evidence and handed down the indictments was real.  In no way did Biden, or ANYONE in the Federal government at all, have anything to do with any of it.  This was never political.  It was about laws that Trump broke.  Not allegedly, mind you.  He really broke the law.  And he has been convicted for it.

And it's NOT election interference either.  Because the indictments were being handed down before he was running for President.  He decided to run anyway.  He thought it would make the legal troubles go away.

The crazy thing is that right now, the GOP is still planning on running him for President.  That is just incredible.  Another embarrassing first!  As such, now seems like a good time to plop this here so you know when it's coming

Now back to our main story already in progress

My favorite part of today was when the judge was about to release everyone for the day.  Trump and his lawyers were laughing with each other.  Because if deliberations went into a third day, there was a much better chance of a hung jury or a NOT guilty.  They thought they were about to win.  And then the bell rang.  "Sorry folks, we are not going home yet.  The jury has reached a verdict."  

The temperature in the room went down 20 degrees.  And wow did Trump's mood change.


That was glorious!

What's going to happen now?
Well that's the question isn't it?  What is the GOP really going to do?  Will this be when they finally come to their senses and drop support for him?  The thing is, as of right now, we don't know.  By all accounts it appears that they will still let him run.  This, of course, is completely insane.  According to polls (which don't mean much), some 1/5 of potential Trump voters will not vote for him now.  If that stat is even close to real, then it's a pretty clear sign that he cannot win.  Why would the continue to run the first former President in history to be tried and convicted of 34 felonies?!  In what universe does that make sense?  How do they not see that as a large albatross tied to a cinder block around their necks.

Do they think they can continue the crap I was talking about up the page?  Do they think that stuff will work?  Also, most of them are f'n lawyers!  They KNOW how the law works.  They know that all of his crap is, what's the word?  CRAP!  And once his sentence is handed down, even if it's just probation, that's going to make campaigning really hard.  And what about security clearance?  How can a convicted felon get security clearance?  Especially one that has active felony indictments for mishandling and stealing classified documents?!  And what about international travel?  Trump, as a felon, is now not allowed to visit some 37 countries, including some of our strongest allies.

They can't continue supporting him.  But the crazy thing is, they probably will.  They will continue to support him right to the end.  Because if they don't, the other Republicans will ruin their careers for defying their god. 

As of the time that I am writing this, I do not know what the Republican response is.  I guess we'll see how correct I am.  The current word about the Republican party is that you either start speaking up for how corrupt this case was, or be prepared to lose your seat.  Also, 6 Senators sent a memo to the President literally saying, "We ain't doing shit until you address the Trump conviction."  I mean, c'mon.  How the hell do they think THAT is going to work come election day, LOL?  Speaker Mike Johnson says he expects the Supreme Court to step in.  Even though they literally have no jurisdiction, and the first appeal hasn't even been filed.  He's a lawyer.  He knows better.  So he's just rattling the cage to appease the Orange One.  It's the same with Jim Jordan saying he want's to haul Alvin Bragg before Congress, even though he literally has NO obligation to answer to them at all.

All I know for sure is that this conviction changes everything.  It's time to stop it with the false narratives about this case being made up and there was no crime.  There was crime.  He has been convicted in a court of law after a fair trial.  If you don't believe that, well, I don't know what to tell you.  But then again, I seriously doubt you are even reading this.  No Trump supporters are ever going to read this.  Because they don't want to own up to just how wrong they've been about this scumbag all along.

NOTE 2014-06-01: This article has been updated a few times since it was first published because new information keeps coming in.

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