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FBI Pays a Cordial Visit to the House of the Former President

Author: Concerned Citizen

Thu Aug 11 2022


PALM BEACH FL - Some members of the FBI decided to drop in and pay a visit to the former President at his house in the Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach on Monday. The former President was not home at the time.  He was busy with other matters in New York City.  According to sources, there were some papers or something that they wanted to possibly take back with them.  It seems that there may have been some confusion on the part of the former President about what he was allowed to take home with him after leaving The White House.  He was under the impression that he was allowed to take anything he wanted, up to and including boxes of documents.

This would not have been a problem except that some of those documents appear to have been sensitive in nature.  And by "sensitive", we mean classified.  That might not have been that big of a problem either, except that the former President actually signed a law in 2018 making it a felony to remove classified documents and take them to your private residence 1000 miles away.


There also seems to be some confusion on the part of people who are still loyal to Mr Drumpf.  They seem to think that this was the worst thing that could happen to a former President.  Which is sort of confusing to the rest of us, because we were under the impression that they normally side with law enforcement, especially in matters of national security.  But according to them, it's the FBI that has done a terrible thing.

We really do wonder what the breaking point is here.
Here is a short list of the stupidity that these loyalists STILL support:

  • Drumpf says "If you are being investigated by the FBI, you can't run."  Is planning on running.
  • He had classified documents.  They KNOW this.  They also know that the DOJ tried repeatedly to get the documents back without making a public spectacle of it.  The Republicans IN our government are lying to EVERYONE about this!!  They are literally going on social media, and every "news" show that will have them, and not just misrepresenting what happened and what they know, but straight up lying about all of this.  
  • Weaponizing the FBI.  First of all, no one is doing that.  Second of all, THEY DID try to do that to Hillary!!  In fact, James Comey destroyed her chance of winning back in 2016.  I wonder how that happened.
  • Everyone KNOWS that he had those documents at his house.  This is not in dsipute. Everyone knows that many of them were classified.  Even without this raid, Drumpf had already committed a felony!
  • These are just the latest things to come out of 6 years of Drumpf breaking the law, breaking the rules, lying, and throwing everyone under the bus.
  • These people fled for their farking lives from Drumpf's supporters!!!!  They farking hid in the basement for hours.  Then came out and still motioned to not count votes!!
  • Also, in unrelated news:  Drumpf says, "if you take the 5th, you're guilty!"  Takes the 5th over 400 times in one deposition.

This has gone far beyond the ability for the mind to even hold on to all of this anymore.  And these people are STILL not only supporting him, but they are discrediting the very people that are trying to solve the problem.  

What is the breaking point?  Where will they finally say, "That is a bridge too far."?  I cannot believe what we are seeing here.  It is beyond astonishing.

EDIT:  The documents were unsealed today

In the hours after we published this article, the warrant documents and inventory have been disclosed.  Could this finally be it?  Could espionage possibly be the thing that finally makes the Republicans and all his other supporters FINALLY see what kind of scumbag they have been protecting?

Hopefully.  But who really knows.  I mean, they are screaming about Hunter's laptop a lot.  So...  You know...  We are worried, lol.


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