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Thoughts and Prayers for All

Author: Concerned Citizen

Mon May 30 2022


HOUSTON TX - At the annual gathering of the NRA in Houston TX, this guy managed to get to the microphone and speak directly to Wayne LePierre, the head of the terrorist organization itself.  It is hysterical that this guy managed to pull this off.  This has got to be one of the greatest statements EVER made directly to the head of the NRA.  Man explains the importance of thoughts and prayers.

There is no way that I'm ever going to top that.  But I can offer up some graphics of Thoughts and Prayers so that you can share them with your friends.  Click on the image for larger versions.

Let us not forget the special COVID19 edition.

Update: 2022-06-03:  As I said before, I was going to make a couple more...  Here you go.



Share them, copy them, print them, email them.  I don't care what you do.  Just make sure people see them.

#UvaldePoliceCowards #UvaldeMassacre #NRAconvention #NRAOwnsTheGOP #NRAIsATerroristOrg #ThoughtsAndPrayers #Cleveland #TexasMassacre #TexasMall #AllenTexas

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