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Welcome to the Best Year Since 2020!

Author: Mr Optimism

Wed Jan 06 2021


GEORGIA US - This year so far, is better just in the first 6 days than the entirety of last year!  That is a true statement as long as you are not Donald "President Crybaby" Trump, or Mitch "the Turtle" McConnell.  They are both having a terrible year.  Let me pause here to play my tiny violin for them.  Okay...  Back to business.

The Georgia Senate special election and the runoff election were decided overnight.  And for the first time since before the Obama era, the Senate is NOT controlled by the GOP any more.  The reason this is such great news is that for all that time, our government has been at a standstill.  They only things the Senate has done without massive pressure from the outside, was seat SCOTUS judges.  Not ones that were nominated by Obama of course.  Point being, for the first time in decades, our government will be functional again.

However...  There is, as of the moment that I am writing this, a real and genuine concern that one more card will be played from the Orange Maniac deck.  He has called on his supporters to converge on DC and protest the counting of the Electoral College votes.

You gotta love this.  There are a few 1000 people right now, in the streets in DC yelling and screaming about fraud in the election.  Even though it has been shown conclusively not just once or twice, but 60 times in court, that there was NO fraud.  At all.  Wait.  Scratch that.  There was one instance of fraud where someone was actually caught and prosecuted.  He was casting a ballot on behalf of his dead mother.  And he wasn't voting for Biden.  Wait again...  There was one more fraud.  That was the one perpetuated by Cheetolini's campaign to take donations to "pay for the legal fight", when in fact, over $200M went directly to pay off debts and to Drumpf's pockets.

So, to all you people out there in the streets in DC right now...  You are looking about as foolish as it is possible to look.  And the world is laughing at you.  You are wasting a shitload of time, energy, and resources, to defend a man who is literally scamming you.  And you are trying to subvert the democratic process in the meantime.  Which is just about as unamerican as it is possible to be.

Now, to show that we are fair here at TotallyFakeNewsHere...  The rest of this article is for Joe Biden.

Dear President Biden:  You won the election fair and square.  The voters in this country went to great lengths to elect you President.  And as of this morning, we see that the voters of GA have now given you the one last thing you need to have an effective Presidency.  You have the Senate!  This country came out for you!  We voted in larger numbers than for ANY election in history!

So make no mistake - we are counting on you to come through.  You've been given the reigns, or the Trans-Am steering wheel, it you prefer.  You could not be in a better position to finally bring sanity back to this government.  Even though I am saying this in an Leslie Nielsen meme...


We really are ALL counting on you!

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