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First Vice Presidential Debate Winner Announced

Author: Concerned Voter

Thu Oct 08 2020


We've waited for weeks for this to finally happen.  The candidates for Vice President to get up on stage and really discuss the issues and their plans for the future of the country.  We were really hoping to see some solid, intelligent discussion of the real issues facing this country.  You know...  A normal debate. 

But this is 2020.  And what we really got was a white supremacist, homophobic pile of dry ashes, mansplaining and dodging questions, against an intelligent, well spoken woman who clearly understands the issues this country faces, how to get back on track, and more importantly, how badly things are going right now as a direct result of people like Pence.

Well...  We have a clear winner in last night's debate.


Yes.  The fly on Pence's head is declared the winner.  Because it is the only thing that seems to be getting equal and fair attention.

Everyone on the GOP's side says Pence killed it.  Everyone on the Democrat side says Harris killed it.  The neutral news sources are essentially saying that both sides had their strengths.  Because, being neutral, they don't want to take sides.  That also, of course means, that they won't be honest about what they saw.


In short, the debate meant nothing at all.  The same people would have said the exact same things if both people just sat there drooling all night.  It was a total waste of time, energy, news cycles, and brain cells.  But everyone can agree the fly was super entertaining. 

The fly wins.

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