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It's Happening. For the Fourth Time

Author: Happy Citizen

Tue Aug 15 2023


WASHINGTON DC - It's Indictment Day again. It's only been 2 weeks, and here we have another set of indictments.  And this set, just like the last set, are the most severe so far.  Let us do a quick review of what Mr Drumpf is up against.  He's been found guilty of sexual assualt to the tune of $5M.  He is under indictment in NY for the hush money payments that also showed he cheated in the election, burying negative stories that would have affected the election outcome.  Then there is the Classified Documents case.  Then, there was straight up violations of the Espionage Act.  And now, we have RICO indictments.  That totals 89 felony indictments. 

Ladies and gentleman, the front runner for the Republican nomination for President.  LaughALot LOL. 

I'm not even bothering to imply that this is part of the series, as I'd been calling it.  Because it really isn't.  It's just very similar.  Anyway...


It's Indictment Day.  Again.

This time the indictments are related to his efforts to intimidate the Secretary of State in GA to "find me 11,780 votes."  Well, that's part of it.  That's the most obvious one.  I'm not going to list everything when someone has already posted the complete indictment so you can read it for yourself.  All 98 pages of it.

The short version of what it says is violations of what they call the RICO act.  Which means reads like this:

The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) of 1970 seeks to strengthen the legal tools in evidence gathering by establishing new penal prohibitions and providing enhanced sanctions and new remedies for dealing with the unlawful activities of those engaged in organized crime.

One of the most truly amusing parts of this is that along with Drumpf, 18 others have been indicted as well.  They include Rudy Giuliani.  A guy who made his name in NY prosecuting mob bosses under RICO statutes is now, himself, indicted under RICO.

The other 17 people in the indictment are mostly lawyers including, John Eastman, Sidney Powell, Jenna Ellis and Mark Meadows.  So for one thing, no one needs to explain to them just how serious this situation is, but for another, they are lawyers!!  They knew better!  And they did it anyway!!  I can only assume that they figured that they would succeed, and when Drumpf was in power, he would simply pardon them.  Well, folks, that was a gamble that you lost in spectacular fashion.


That is Fani Willis the Georgia DA leading the investigations.  At the risk of stating the obvious, this is a person you do not want to mess with.  By all accounts, she seems to be taking this whole thing WAY more seriously than anyone else so far, including the DOJ.  She is coming down hard.  And it doesn't look like there is going to be a whole lot of wiggle room for Mr Drumpf.  It would be in his best interests to shut up right now, and hope that his lawyers can get in there and try to make this go smoothly.  But we already know that's not going to happen.  He's already shooting his mouth off on social media.  At the risk of stating something even more obvious, what a farking idiot.

He, and the rest of the gang of fools, have been ordered to voluntarily turn themselves in for arrest before noon, on August 25th.  I wonder how that is going to play out.  There are 19 people named in that indictment.  They aren't all going to show up at the same time.  But I don't know.  I don't really know how this works.  But setting that aside... As I've said before, it would be great if, THIS TIME, they held him without bail until his trial.


His list of indictments is 89 now! Felony indictments.  If the last 3 arrests are any indication of how this will go, he will be released instantly with no restrictions at all.  But why?  Why should they let him roam free?  He has proven over and over again that when given leniency, he uses that to cause more trouble, and in many cases, break more laws.  We know he's a flight risk.  And that is especially worrying now.  Because RICO charges, absolutely demand jail time.  At this point, he must know that if he survives long enough to finish the trial, he will be going directly to jail.

This is now the 4th time I've gotten to express this sentiment.  And I sincerely hope it comes true this time.  Stop treating this like he is some world leader worthy of the utmost respect.  He is a scumbag criminal that tried to overthrow the government and install himself as leader.  And here we have a whole new list of indictments spelling out just how far his plan was before it completely failed.

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