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Fox News Finally Comes to its Senses

Author: Happy Citizen

Mon Apr 24 2023


NEW YORK NY - Man, I said an awful lot of words last week when Dominion settled their lawsuit against Fox News.  Going back to read that again, I really did lay it on pretty thick.  One of the things I said should upset everyone, is that there were not going to be any consequences, specifically for the talent.  As it turns out, I am happy to report that I was SO wrong about that.

In the time since that article was published, Fox News has started lining up the hosts and saying, "you have a job, you have a job, NOT YOU, you have a job."

It was at this point in the article that I was about to list off the names of all the people that have been let go in the fallout from the Dominion suit.  People like Jeanine Pirro, Dan Bongino. But it's not easy to find that list, and I ran out of patience.  And secondly, I don't really care to put all their names out there anyway.  I hope that they all just disappear into obscurity and we never have to hear from them again.
It is for this reason that this article is going to be mighty short.  I can't express enough how thrilled I am to know that Tucker is finally OUT, and he will not be able to cause any more damage.

Cartoon by:  @deAdder

I wrote about that dude once before and expressed how insane it was that he is allowed to say SO many things that are just factually incorrect, but poses them in the form of questions, so as not to be liable for whatever happens as a result.  He has managed to cause an incalculable amount of damage in his time on the air.  Be it siding with Russia, lying about the last election, misinformation about COVID, supporting the NRA over common sense, supporting DJT even though privately hating his guts, being at least partly responsible for the events on Jan 6th, then showing footage that made it appear nothing actually happened that day, and a long LONG list of other things I can't even think of offhand.

He's done.  He's gone.  And good riddance to him.  I hope that my next followup to all this includes names like Sean Hannity and Laura Ingram.  Hopefully they will be the next on the chopping block...  I don't really care what excuse or reasons Fox New gives us for this happening.  As long as it happens.

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