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Trump Charged with Espionage and Treason

Author: Elated Citizen

Tue Apr 04 2023


NEW YORK NY - Today is the day that twice impeached, absolutely disgraced former President Donald J. Trump is being indicted in NY City.  Trump will be placed under arrest on Tuesday and informed that he has been charged with 34 felony counts for falsification of business records, according to a source who has been briefed on the procedures for the arraignment of the former president.

In an absolutely unseen twist, there was a much larger plan at hand that no one, especially the press, was previously aware.  As soon as the judge finished with the arraignment proceedings, Jack Smith, the special prosecutor for the DOJ appeared in the courtroom.

"Yes, you are here to be arraigned and formally charged with these 34 felonies.  But while you're here, the Federal Government has also sent representatives.  They would like to also charge you with espionage and treason for your mishandling of over 11,000 government owned documents, which we believe you have sold to hostile foreign powers.  You will now be remitted to Federal custody where you will be held until trial."

According to Smith, the plan was to get Mr Trump out of his bunker and into a place where he could not avoid the forthcoming charges.  So the entire operation was kept very quiet.

At the same time, all of Mr Trump's properties are being searched in an effort to recover the remaining government documents thought to still be in his possession.


Editor's note: This little piece of fan fiction is actually more like "predictive storytelling."  In the past we have written articles that it turned out, were not entirely satire, because the events actually occurred!  We are trying again here.  Stay tuned.

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