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The GOP Have Finally Detailed Their Platform for the Midterms

Author: Concerned Voter

Wed Oct 26 2022


WASHINGTON - The Democrats have been clear about what they intend to do going forward as long as they keep control of the House and the Senate.  But what about the Republicans?  

Their plan is to do exactly what voters expect.  They are going to run candidates that have no intention of introducing any new legislation, or contribute anything meaningful in debates.  These people will be there to perform 2 functions.  To vote the way they are told and to post 50 times a day on social media about how great a job they are doing, and how the Democrats have messed up this country.

The most important aspect of their platform will be to identify hot button items like gas prices, inflation, immigration, and crime, and straight up blame the Democrats for all of it.  It doesn't make any difference that OPEC proudly declared that they are capping production to raise prices.  It doesn't matter that inflation is a worldwide problem.  It doesn't matter that no party has ever done anything about immigration other than complain about it.  Unless, that is, you consider separating families at the border, locking them up, and losing the children completely, to be "doing something".  Of course when it comes to crime, they are not talking about all of the people in their circles that are currently under federal investigation. Nope.  They aren't criminals.  That's all political.

Which leads to the secondary part of their platform. They have proudly declared that as soon as they have majority control of the House, they will impeach Biden for his crimes.  Let us illustrate the horror of what that monster has done.
Click image for larger version, since that is obviously WAY too small to read.

For more information, read here.

Wow, how can Democrats sleep at night knowing that is the leader of their party?

One of the greatest things about how the Republicans have chosen their candidates is that it doesn't make any difference at all who they are.  As long as they are a Republican and will do the things the Republicans promise, people will vote for them.

They could literally get a lying, hypocritical, child neglecting, spouse abusing, pretends to be a cop, too many hits to the head, moron...


And people will STILL vote for that person, because that person is not a filthy, socialist, commie, woke, Democrat!!  And, oh, how the writers of this article wish that were fake news.

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