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Nagorno-Karabakh: Fuel depot blast kills 20 as refugee count doubles
Officials say 290 people have been taken to hospital with dozens in a critical condition.
Ukraine: The soldiers who can’t leave the front line until the war is over
For Ukrainian troops, life on the front line is far from easy, as the BBC's Mark Urban witnessed up close.
Russia seeks to rejoin UN's human rights council
It was expelled from the United Nations council last year after its forces invaded Ukraine.
River Danube: Ukrainian captain jailed after fatal river tour boat crash
Twenty-five South Korean tourists died after a boat sank during a rainstorm on the River Danube.
Five alleged Russian spies appear in London court
The Bulgarian nationals were charged after a counter-espionage investigation uncovered an alleged spy ring.
Manhunt for gang boss who controlled luxury jail in Venezuela
Héctor Guerrero Flores escaped shortly before the jail which he controlled was raided by police.
Chess grandmaster Hans Niemann denies using vibrating sex toy to cheat
Hans Niemann was accused of cheating after he beat Norwegian grandmaster Magnus Carlsen last September.
The moment Philippines Coast Guard cuts China's floating barrier
The Philippines says it has executed a "special operation" to remove a floating barrier in the South China Sea.
Viral Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce clip leads to 'crazy 24 hours'
A journalist spotted the superstar leaving an American football game with one of the sport's top players.
Thailand: Leading activist Arnon Nampa jailed over calls for royal reform
Arnon Nampa is sentenced to four years for calling for a conversation on the role of Thailand's monarchy.

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